Will you support The Violution?

Hello friends, from all walks of life, from all viewpoints and standpoints, political and non-political. I come to you and ask of you for nothing but your support for an endeavor I started five years ago and that will finally find fulfillment in its completion this December.

From 2011 until today, I have navigated choppy waters of my own personal musical journey with The Violution. As my passion project, it always had to come second, whether it was to give preference to jobs that paid my bills, to take time off for unexpected life changes, or because I just did not have the resources. As bumpy as the journey was, is, and still proves to be, I owe my profuse thanks to more than a few people that have joined me on my ship. All the names included below have had a role, whether big or small, in making The Violution what it is today, and their participation has meant and will always mean the world to me:

Patrick Caccia, Cave Studios, Peter Doell, Henry Lipatov, Rick Lykov, Marusya Fox, Imad Rhayem, Kostik, Mark Chaudhary, Glen Sobel, Marty O'Brien, Gunnar Larson, John Chominsky, Eargasm Studios, Bernard Bayer, Maximilian Bayer, AZ Studios, Matthew Hillyer, Jeff Larson, Scott Melendez, Rachel Burney, Will Kennedy, Brad Cobb, Mothership Studios, Hajime Uchiyama, Tak Uchida, Tom Fletcher, John Spicer, Phil Sebal, Houston Curtis, Kye Wolsefer, Chrissy Erickson, Patrick Sieben, Andrea Whitt, Neli Nikolaeva, Sarah Chaffee, Crystal Yuan, Monique Olivas, Christina Rose, Liz Bedrosian, Tolga Katas, Oscar Cruz, OFseventy Stores, Cristina Jacobs, Andie Piazza, Phil Edelstein, Bill Bon, David Tupaz Couture.

There is one name in particular that, if it were not for this individual, the music for The Violution would still be sitting in my hard drive, silent and waiting. He has taken my musical vision and given it life. I have never felt more inspired, more confident and more skilled in my art than I do now, and that is all due to my Producer and life partner, Patrick Caccia. The music on this album is a culmination of everything that has transpired in my musical journey from the moment I first picked up a violin as a small girl. My mom hoped that playing a musical instrument would get me a music scholarship to college. It certainly did, and it did so much more than just that. I would not be the same person I am today if it were not for music. Music takes you away from your thinking self and makes you feel. It directs you away from your brain to your heart. Whatever it is that is happening around you, music can lift you up. Music is healing. Music is love.

I have poured my heart and soul into my work and I've witnessed Patrick day in and day out do the same, inspiring me when I come home late from a gig to keep going, persisting in getting me to try a musical passage differently and seeing it in a different light, and pushing me to be my best musical self. We are releasing "Toxicity" TOMORROW and the full EP/DVD, granted we meet all our deadlines, will arrive December 23, with Pre-Orders available now. I have never been more proud of anything I have created in this lifetime. I have arrived to the pinnacle of my career. What I ask of you, and what you can do, is simply to SUPPORT our musical endeavors, by liking our Facebook page The Violution and sharing our posts to spread the word. If you have the resources available to do so, you can support further by buying our music and/or merchandise here: www.theviolution.com/shop We have been entirely self-funded on no budget whatsoever, so please know that every cent is a cent well-spent with the funds going either to the production of this EP or into production for the next musical endeavor--music video, track, etc.

I thank each and every one of you for your presence in my life and for leaving an imprint on my heart. With gratitude and love in a time that we need it most,


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