Stairway to Heaven Music Video Teaser Released on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from The Violution!!

We are very happy and proud to release our second music video teaser, Stairway to Heaven, in anticipation of the upcoming EP/DVD release coming December 23, 2016.

Filmed on location at the Seven Magic Mountains in Las Vegas, Nevada, JLynn was joined by four of her beautiful and talented colleagues and friends for the shoot: Crystal Yuan, Monique Olivas, Christina Riegert and Liz Bedrosian, as well as director and editor, Henry Lipatov, of 7Ever. Marusya Fox, our makeup artist extraordinaire, kept the girls looking camera-ready despite the sweltering heat from the hot sun. The brightly painted colorful rocks set against the deep blue sky were a picturesque match for the grandiose and lush orchestration of what we call our "novelty" song on the EP. The video is only a short teaser/promotional video of the full track, whose runtime exceeds five minutes. Beginning with only a single voice, the track develops into a full symphonic orchestra backing an electric rock string trio. You've got to hear it to believe it! And no, it's not a guitar...

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