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The Violution -- Back in the Studio!

The Violution is back in the studio and working on new music!! This time we headed over to John Wackerman's room to record Patrick's drums on an SSL console.

Patrick Caccia (drums) at the console
Patrick Caccia (drums) at the console

Such a great vibe at Wackerman Studios and Patrick felt right at home in the lofty and towering tracking room. Here are a few of our favorite pics from the session:

More in-depth BTS to come but, for now, here's a fun little video documenting our arrival to the studio and Patrick warming up on his ever-so-popular practice pad.

There is so much great music in the works and more still to be made! We absolutely cannot wait to share it with you all! Until then, we'll see you on social media.

- The Violution


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